NewBusiness Start-Up

You may be considering starting a new business - we can help!  

For further resources on business start-up, follow this link to our parent company, Business Mentoring Services Ltd.

Starting a new business can be a daunting experience.  You may feel overwhelmed by the decisions you need to make, and lack confidence in your abilities.

A business mentor helps you to navigate your way through the challenges you face as a new business owner by sharing knowledge and strategies to help you achieve the results you want.  For further resources on business start-up, hit the blue button below or call us now on: 020 8720 6762.

In the past year, I approached mentoring with an open mind and heart, knowing that once I did, I would clarify my path and fulfill my need to further identify who I am, what drives me, my purpose and how I achieve it. Ross Nichols was absolutely superb at being able to help me understand and respond to my fears whilst embracing my skills and capabilities. Undeniably the most wonderful mentoring outcome is firmly knowing that I am enough, I am amazing and I am a creative, resilient and progressive entrepreneur & individual!  Thank you Ross Nichols.

Noƫlle Balfour
Interior Stylist & Designer