Mentoring for Coach Credentialing (ICF)

Mentor-coaching is a great way for new coaches to develop coaching competencies with the support of a credentialed coach while you gain experience.  At Transition Transformers® we provide feedback on recorded coaching sessions and help you to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the ICF Core Competencies.

Mentor-coaching is required for the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) and PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credentials awarded by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).  For the ACC and PCC credential, coaches are required to complete 10 hours of mentor-coaching with an ICF coach who holds the credential being applied for.

Your motivation for having a mentor-coach may initially be simply to comply with ICF requirements however in our experience, this soon develops into a powerful learning journey that transforms your coaching ability.  This helps you to absorb the ICF competencies and make them personal to you as you develop your coaching style.

We recommend credential applicants use reflective learning after each coaching session to enrich their learning experience - see our Ten Top Tips For Coach Credentialing  white paper, available on request to:

I found Ross to be a great mentor he had prepared well for our session and had taken the time to listen to a recorded session that I had sent to him prior to our mentoring.  Ross had taken notes of the recorded coaching session which he used whilst mentoring me.  He asked permission when he had something to offer and I found all of the points that Ross made in relation to my coaching very valuable and I have taken these forward in my subsequent coaching sessions. I am very grateful for the insights that Ross gave me during our mentoring together and as a result of his mentoring I do believe I have become a better coach.

Roshina Khan
Transformational Change Coach

I honestly can’t thank you enough for your expert mentoring. I looked forward to and loved every session. I can’t imagine anyone knows the ICF core competencies and ethics as well as you do! Your passion for the craft of coaching is contagious and I am so glad I chose you to show me the way. Keep in touch!

Lucy Higgins ACC
Life and Mindset Coach

Ross has opened my mind to what mentoring can do for a coaches competence. With his incredible perception, presence, and precision, he has illuminated insights into my coaching that have really expanded my awareness and understanding, and have set me on the path to increased skill. He is, in my opinion, an exceedingly effective mentor.

Todd Roache ACC
Coach and Supervisor

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