Group Coaching, Workshops, Away Days and Breakthrough

Group coaching and facilitation is effective for generating ideas and solutions from the group, and also for individual personal development.   When you feel stuck, breakthrough sessions help you to overcome the obstacles holding you back.  We design and delivergroup coaching programmes, workshops, Away Days and breakthrough events to meet your needs.

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  Organiser for Salisbury On-line International Coaching Week 04-07 May 2020

Goal setting workshop for Salisbury Young Professionals, hosted by Smith & Williamson LLP

Homestart (South Wilts) 8 week programme to help parents move forward into employment, education, volunteering and life.

What do you want?

It's a simple question but it may surprise you to learn that many people don’t really know what they want.  We can help you clarify the outcomes you want from your life, your career or your business.  A fulfilling career or business is an expression of yourself so it's important to be clear on your outcomes.

Setting Goals

When you know what you want, it's helpful to state these outcomes as well-formed goals.  We can help you to set naturally compelling goals, which improve the likelihood of achieving them.  We will show you how to set goals that you can review and refresh over time to ensure you are always aiming for what you want.

Breaking through the barriers

You may be clear on your outcomes and have well-formed goals, yet something may be holding you back from committing to the action needed to achieve your goals.  We can help you to identify what shifts you want to make, what you are resisting and what you need to let go of in order to achieve your goals.

Creating your Vision

When you have broken through the barriers holding you back, we can help you create a powerful vision for your future.  Your vision will energise and inspire you, and provide you with a touchstone for decision-making, and an inner compass to help you navigate to where you want to go.

Implementing your Vision

Your vision and goals will set you in the right direction to achieve the outcomes you want for your life, your career or your business.  We can support you on this journey with personal coaching and mentoring to keep you focused and accountable.  Coaching helps you explore what you think and feel, and helps you to generate optimum solutions.  Mentoring provides a safe space for you to think out loud, test your ideas and gain knowledge and strategies.  

In the Business world, circumstances do change - often rapidly - and we can help you to remain agile and respond decisively.  We can also help to fill gaps in your knowledge and skills with our bespoke business consulting services to support your business growth: head on over to our parent company:

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"I felt like I had  struck gold when I found Ross on line.  He was quite simply the ideal person for the role: both empathetic with participants of the group and talented in his coaching techniques.  I was really impressed by his ability to teach the group methods to use when coaching their peers in the group.  It didn't feel like he was teaching or instructing and yet every single participant learnt skills to be used in everyday life...such as meditation and question techniques.  Ross played a key role in the design of the course, the marketing and reviews throughout.  The feedback received at the end was all positive and all participants had indicated progression against their goals with some very promising outcomes."

Julia Doig
Homestart South Wilts