Whenever I'm invited to take part in an interview or give a presentation to other coaches, I'm delighted to oblige.  You can watch videos of these webinars using the links below.  

Coaching the Human
Further to a series of 3 wellbeing articles I shared with ICF UK, I was pleased to take part in Coaching the Human Q&A session for ICF UK members.

An example of the anonymous feedback I received for this webinar:

Presenter rating: 5/5
Content rating: 5/5
Length of event: 5/5
Quality of event: 5/5

It was helpful to me when the speaker shared what led him to the world of coaching. I also thought that the speaker was very eloquent, clear and to the point when he talked about such intangible, deep topics such as self-acceptance, self-approval and self-love.

Fireside Chat with Career Shifters/Firework
Career Shifters, who run the Firework career coach training, invite their alumni back from time to time to share their experiences.  I thoroughly enjoyed my 'fireside chat' with Firework.

Examples of the audience feedback on this webinar:

Ross's highly personal perspectives on coaching, and his book recommendations.

The insights into how Ross markets himself more pull than push.

How he used the firework material and how he runs his ‘business of coaching’. Enjoyed it, I’d like to attend more from successful coaches!

How open the speaker was throughout the session.

Interesting to hear his experience of growing as a coach over the years.

New Coaching Competence No. 2, Embodies a Coaching Mindset
Animas Coaching Centre (where I studied for my coaching diploma) ran a series of webinars on the new ICF coaching competencies.  I was delighted to offer my thoughts on the new coaching competence No. 2, Embodies a Coaching Mindset.

Coaching with Love
ICF Ireland Chapter invited me to talk about Coaching with Love.  They have invited me back to give a longer version of this presentation next year.