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Video: how Google uses Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence to boost creativity and success

If you want to get in touch with yourself and re-boot your life, 'Heal Your Life' is a great place to start

The ten secrets of success from the author of 'The Greatest Salesman in the World'

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Work out your new career path

Your New Career

One of the world's most popular career transition workbooks: 
'What Color is Your Parachute?'  by Richard N Bollis.

Learn how to become the best you can be by learning from a world class mentor:
'Breakthrough'  by David C.M. Carter

Learn about the importance of meaning, flow and freedom for fulfilling work:
'How to Find Fulfilling Work' by Roman Krznaric

Google runs in house 'mindfulness' courses to improve productivity, creativity and yes, even happiness.  This book tells you how:
'Search Inside Yourself' by Chade-Meng Tan

Find out how to manage your business

Your New  Business

Read this inspiring entrepreneur's story about how to find more than just profits in your business: 
'Delivering Happiness: a Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose' by Tony Hsieh

Resources for business including start-ups. Our Founder's parent company website is Business Mentoring Services

The rough guide to starting a business:
'The Beermat Entrepreneur' by Mike Southon

A different take on leadership for the 21st Century:
'Good Business: Leadership, Flow and the Making of Meaning' by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


Lord Ashcroft, the Prime Minister's Special Representative for Forces' Transition, wants feedback from veterans on their experience of transition from military to civilian life.

Chose your new path in life

Your New  Life

'The Journey' is a powerful method for healing and transformation.

Simple tips and strategies for peace of mind

An insight into complementary medicine and modern life:
'Healing in the 21st Century by Jan de Vries

Simple explanations about yoga practice, meditation and philosophy.
Learn about the connections between your body and your mind - you are amazing!

'Your Body Speaks Your Mind' by Deb Shapiro

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The Inter-generational Foundation provides research into fairness between the generations.

Empathy and compassion in society for enhancing one's personal and professional life.

The Practice Rooms in Salisbury for various therapies