Cancer Coaching Community

January 19, 2017

CCC (Cancer Coaching Community) is a new community of UK based coaches who wish to work with those affected by cancer: patients, relatives and friends.  The majority of our coaches have direct personal experience of cancer.  It’s early days for CCC however the plan is to soft launch on World Cancer Day on 04 February 2017, followed by an in-person launch event in London on 04 April 2017.

CCC would like to send invitations to its launch events to anyone who may be interested in learning more about cancer coaching and how it can support patients to live well after their cancer treatment. 

Service offered: Cancer coaching to support those directly affected by cancer and their relatives/carers both during and after treatment

Service providers:

Cancer Coaches: professional cancer coaches who have themselves been cancer patients

Community coaches professional coaches impacted by cancer through caring for a loved one with the disease and including those who demonstrate a deep understanding and knowledge of a similar debilitating illness

All coaches are:

Interviewed and assessed as trained coaches

Demonstrate deep understanding and experience of cancer care

Members of a recognised coaching organisation such as EMCC/AC/ICF/APECS

Adhere to the EMCC codes of ethics and core competencies

Receive regular supervision both group and 1-2-1

Hold a recognised coaching certificate of insurance


Where appropriate and ethical, please share this with those who might be interested in cancer coaching and ask them to share their contact details with me.  I will then arrange for them to be included on the distribution of invitations for CCC launch events in 2017.

My contact details are: Ross Nichols,

Ross Nichols


Wellbeing For You Workshops in Salisbury

January 9, 2017

Are you dissatisfied with your life, your career or your health?  Do you want more out of life or simply feel that something isn’t quite right?  If you answered ‘yes’, you could improve your wellbeing by taking part in this series of 3 workshops.

The World Health Organisation’s description of health is,

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease.”

 The integrated approach to wellness recognises 6 dimensions of wellnes...

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Diary of a Business Accelerator - 1 of 6

November 25, 2016
I recently completed a 6 month business accelerator programme in London - the photo shows those of us who attended the final session in October 2016.  I wanted to share my learning so here is my first post of 6 on my experience, which I'm calling, 'Diary of a Business Accelerator'.  I hope you find it useful.

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Group Coaching with Homestart (South Wilts)

October 4, 2016
I was delighted to be invited back to do more group coaching with Homestart South Wilts today. The focus was on 'Wellbeing' and there were some beautiful insights and awareness arising. Everyone mapped their individual wellbeing over time and we noticed that everyone's wellbeing goes up and down in response to a whole range of factors. We explored these through the 'Integrated Wellness' approach, which resonated with the group. Within this, social wellness came up as being important for t...

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Abstract Expression

September 27, 2016
My first experience of an art coaching workshop resulted in this piece of abstract expression.  It's growing on me and is now on display in the kitchen of my house, rather like we used to display our childrens' art work.  I think I'll be doing more of this and I'm looking forward to experimenting with art in my coaching practice.
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Poem: I Go to Meet the Day

September 9, 2016
This poem came to me via the 'Unconference' on Clean language, which is a growing approach used in coaching and the helping professions.  I Go to Meet the Day captures the essence of how I want to live my life with authenticity in the present moment.  I hope it inspires you as much as it does me.

I go to meet the day,
With love in my heart.
I go to meet the day,
With hope in my heart.
I go to meet the day,
And whatever it may hold,
And whomever I may meet.
I go to meet the day,
To show up as wh...
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Beginner's Luck or Beginner's Mind?

February 2, 2016
I had the pleasure of being interviewed recently by Sarah Brandis of Animas Coaching Centre on the subject of 'beginner's mind', which is one of the 7 attitudes of Mindfulness.  The more I think about it, the more it seems to explain 'beginner's luck', at least in my experience as a coach and maybe in other areas of our lives and work when we try something for the first time.  You can read the full interview here
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Mental Health Day 10 October 2015

October 7, 2015

I'd like to share this podcast from the CIPD in support of Mental Health Awareness Day on 10 October 2015.  The key message is: seek help early if you are struggling with stress, decision making or a gloomy outlook - symptoms to which high achievers are prone.  Contact me if you'd like to be coached on integrated wellness, mindfulness or emotional intelligence to improve your well-being and personal resilience.

CIPD research shows that over two-fifths of organisations have reported...

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Authentic Leadership

September 22, 2015

If you are a leader, do you sometimes feel like an imposter?  If you are a business owner, do you sometimes feel incongruent, that you are not always fully aligned with your business?  If you answered ‘yes’ you are not alone - many leaders experience these doubts so how can we be more authentic as leaders?

There are hundreds of books on leadership but leadership is difficult to define and describe: it’s intangible yet we all know when we are being well led - and we also know when we are ...

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Salisbury Coaching Circle & NLP Group

June 18, 2015

The Salisbury Coaching Circle and NLP Group meets on the last Thursday of each month (except July, August and December) in the Tesco Community Room, Tesco Supermarket, Southampton Rd, Salisbury, SP1 2NY.  All coaches, coach mentors/supervisors, NLP practitioners and anyone interested in finding out more about coaching and NLP are welcome.  The group is sponsored by the International Coach Federation (UK) however non members are welcome.  Register for the event by email: info@transitiontransfo...

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