My Weird Way of Attracting New Clients!

Posted by Ross Nichols on Monday, July 5, 2021 Under: Business
My Weird Way of Attracting New Coaching Clients!
I started the other week with only a few client bookings in my diary. This led to the spontaneous thought, 'I could use a few more clients'.
After supper, I checked my emails and received 4 new bookings: 2 leads who converted and 2 previously unknown clients booking 3-6 month packages. The next morning I received another new client booking a 6 month package.
This experience is not new to me. It first happened about 3 years ago when I got in touch with my purpose for being in business (to be me and to do it my way). About 2 or 3 times a year, I have the same or a very similar thought and by some magic that I don't understand, I get new clients or new enquiries leading to new clients within 24 hrs. Weird or what? Whatever is going on, it fits with my intuitive approach to business and marketing. I've learned to relax and allow my business to happen rather than trying to make it happen, based on my core belief that success ensues when we can be more of who we are.
What's your weird way of attracting new clients?

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