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CCC (Cancer Coaching Community) is a new community of UK based coaches who wish to work with those affected by cancer: patients, relatives and friends.  The majority of our coaches have direct personal experience of cancer.  It’s early days for CCC however the plan is to soft launch on World Cancer Day on 04 February 2017, followed by an in-person launch event in London on 04 April 2017.

CCC would like to send invitations to its launch events to anyone who may be interested in learning more about cancer coaching and how it can support patients to live well after their cancer treatment. 

Service offered: Cancer coaching to support those directly affected by cancer and their relatives/carers both during and after treatment

Service providers:

Cancer Coaches: professional cancer coaches who have themselves been cancer patients

Community coaches professional coaches impacted by cancer through caring for a loved one with the disease and including those who demonstrate a deep understanding and knowledge of a similar debilitating illness

All coaches are:

Interviewed and assessed as trained coaches

Demonstrate deep understanding and experience of cancer care

Members of a recognised coaching organisation such as EMCC/AC/ICF/APECS

Adhere to the EMCC codes of ethics and core competencies

Receive regular supervision both group and 1-2-1

Hold a recognised coaching certificate of insurance


Where appropriate and ethical, please share this with those who might be interested in cancer coaching and ask them to share their contact details with me.  I will then arrange for them to be included on the distribution of invitations for CCC launch events in 2017.

My contact details are: Ross Nichols,

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