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Coaching the Human #3: Being

Posted by Ross Nichols on Tuesday, July 13, 2021, In : Coaching 

Further to my previous articles in this series, ‘Coaching the Human #1: Love’ in early May; and ‘Coaching the Human #2: Shadow’ in early June, here is the third article, ‘Coaching the Human #3: Being’, which was published in early July as part of the ICF wellbeing series.  These 3 articles form a trilogy of what I’ve learned on this amazing journey that we share as coaches.


The Importance of Being

We are known as Human Beings yet most of us in the...

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My Weird Way of Attracting New Clients!

Posted by Ross Nichols on Monday, July 5, 2021, In : Business 
My Weird Way of Attracting New Coaching Clients!
I started the other week with only a few client bookings in my diary. This led to the spontaneous thought, 'I could use a few more clients'.
After supper, I checked my emails and received 4 new bookings: 2 leads who converted and 2 previously unknown clients booking 3-6 month packages. The next morning I received another new client booking a 6 month package.
This experience is not new to me. It first happened about 3 years ago when I got in tou...

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